Framing Services

Studio 19 offers a bespoke picture framing service and regularly conducts consultations via email with clients through the use of photography.

Murray is a Carpenter/Shipwright by trade, possessing skills that enabled him to comfortably transition into professional picture framing after undergoing three days of intensive training with a Fine Art Trade Guild certified instructor.

“Framing a work of art is a deeply satisfying process for me” says Murray, “the framing envelope should enhance the art work as well as protect it, thereby adding value to the piece”.

Frame components    

Tips for taking care of your framed art works;

o   Avoid extremes of temperature.

Extreme and/or rapid changes in temperature can cause paper and wood to warp and dry out.


o   Artwork should not be hung in damp conditions.

Damp encourages fungal growth, and is likely to show as brown stains. Damp can cause artwork to ripple and touch the glass (it may stick to the glass). Take particular care with recently plastered or re-plastered walls.


o   Avoid hanging artwork in direct sunlight.Frames

The colours are likely to fade (other than graphite pencil) and the paper will discolour and weaken.


o   Do not use household cleaners to clean framed artwork.

It is best to just dust frames without the use of water or cleaners. If cleaning fluid must be used then this should be applied to a duster (clean cotton rag) not directly onto the glass, and contact with the frame should be avoided. Water-gilded frames can be easily damaged by cleaning chemicals and aerosol sprays.


o   Inspect the back of artworks at least once a year.

The varnish on oil paintings should be replaced by a professional conservator as it dirties.

Art on paper should be returned to the framer if there is evidence of any discolouration or dots appearing, if insects can be seen under the glass, or if the paper is warped.

It is also a good idea to regularly replace the cord or wire from which artworks hang.


When not hanging on display, artwork that is supported by paper hinges should be stored upright (not upside down or on one side). If it is stored any other way the paper hinges used to mount the artwork will be weakened and the artwork is likely to slip.


Never pick up frames by one side, especially the top; grasp them firmly by two sides.